Solar Homes are the Answer to Fire Risk
By admin on January 10, 2020

The horror has past but the reality remains Understanding the BAL Requirements The basic BAL requirements should be seen as a minimal requirement, not a set of rules for designers and builders to get around when building a house.  Like all rules, they are to stop worst practice and help protect peoples’ lives and property. However, if one is intent on living close to a bush setting you can still do a lot more to protect your family and your home.  It will cost extra money but it …

Masters of Professional Solutions
By admin on December 8, 2019

The reality is that ocean is increasing on average of 3.3 mm per year and is increasing at the rate of In 1980 it was about 1.2 mm pa and increasing at about +0.1%. So wake up Australia! The facts are clear and have been for some time. Now we can see the results of inaction and false hope of it going away next low tide season. The burying the head in the sand article aptly points this out. We am tiring of having to be a 'Prophet of Doom', instead we (myself and my colleagues) p…

NatSCOPE will be launched late 2019
By admin on December 8, 2019

NatSCOPE will be launched late 2019. Co-coordinator Sasha Ivanovich and Garry Baverstock are assembling and impressive list of consultants to solve any coastal problems ahead of the impending impacts to the Australian Coastline. …